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Maxima - Installation for Debian

Installation on Debian

Virtually all Debian repositories provide install packages for Maxima. The complete Maxima distribution comprises one required package and several additional packages. The additional packages are not always needed.

The following packages are provided:

maximathe required base package.
maxima-docThe documentation. The documentation is installed in /usr/share/doc/maxima-doc and can be read with the Doc-Central documentation reader.
maxima-shareA package with lots of additional code. The installation of this package is highly recommended for serious work with Maxima. The files of this package are stored in /usr/share/maxima/5.34.1/share/.
wxmaximaThe user iterface WxMaxima.
xmaximaA user interface that provides some interactive help.
maxima-emacsAn interface to the emacs editor.
xmaxima-srcThe complete source code of maxima - written partly in Lisp and partly in the Maxima programming language.
maxima-testA rich test suite that is used by the maintainers of Maxima for regression tests.

A typical installation of Maxima of a Linux system might be this one:

sudo apt-get install maxima maxima-doc maxima-share wxmaxima xmaxima
sudo apt-get install maxima-emacs

Less frequently the complete Maxima sources and a rich test suite are also installed:

sudo apt-get install maxima-src
sudo apt-get install maxima-test

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